Simple crafts made by my cousin, Kim . I really want to take it all home.

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Hooray for my new and very own domain!! YAAAS~ Finally, I’ve decided to have my own domain after almost 4 years of blogging! And I wanna celebrate it with a BANG~!


I wanna thank you all guys for still supporting me and this blog. I get in to the top 100 of like…

Project 21/45


Saturday craft with this disposable spoons painted in pink.

Project 20/45

Sunday writings. Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Still up to blog? Hahaha. Not really, its just can’t fight this thing right now. My brain stock of so many Ideas, for the upcoming back to back activities.
Honestly I am up for something to make me more focus on the things I like. I know sometimes I feel like I am in a different direction but I just love how things fall back into places. Good things come in my way.
This was really the cause why this Ideas are already flying on my brain:
Slept early last night because of so many errands to do, my body was already complaining and can’t help it but to rest early and now something woke me up and struggling to fall back to sleep. Hahaha Spell H-Y-P-E-R-A-C-T-I-V-E. LOL

Today we’ll be venturing Italian Cuisine.
When we talk about Italian Cuisine it conjures to us images of Pasta or Lasagna *my fave!!!* or Spaghetti with tomato sauce.
Did you know:
The credit for inventing pasta has often gone to the chinese, with Marco Polo said to have been exposed to noodles and the ideas of pasta making on his travels to China, and to have then bought that idea back to Italy. However, there is ample evidence that pasta was being made in Italy prior to Marco Polo’s fateful trip. Whatever its origin, pasta has long been a major component of Italian cuisine as well as a window into the diversity of the country.
The variety of pastas found in Italy is so numerous, it is difficult to say how many kinds exist─ some estimate the number to be close to 2000.
source: International Cuisine Book
So watch out for my next International Cuisine post. Bye for now!! 

Project 19/45

Captured Sunday Sunset. Sunset is always my fave. Because sunset amaze me with its stunning colors.

Project 18/45

"Cruise towards success with your eye on the prize and happiness at hand."
─2013-2014 Candy diary August page.
August will be surely the bussiest month because this month will be the start of local and provincial competition and here comes Midterm exam it is really back to back pressure.
I am not blaming this competitions and exams thingy for me being pressured but intead I should be happy and thankful because I know I’m already cruising into opportunities and success.

Project 17/45