Welcoming September with full of adventures lining-up on my calendar. Can’t wait to start!!

Welcoming September with full of adventures lining up on my calendar. Can’t wait to start!!.

I did a separate post about my Everyday Writings.
What I wrote:
■Sunday Writings
─ Phrases that I heared during our Bible Study.
■Monday Writings
─It was National Heroes day so it means it’s holiday. I saw the news about Hello Kitty Airplane. I was really ecstatic when I saw the plane’s inside and outside. I hope someday I can ride on that plane.
■Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday Writings
─It was our midterm exam and I wrote phrases that can motivate me.

Project 23/45

I started to jot down all the memories of yesterday and kept it as a history of everyday.

Simple crafts made by my cousin, Kim . I really want to take it all home.

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Hooray for my new and very own domain!! YAAAS~ Finally, I’ve decided to have my own domain after almost 4 years of blogging! And I wanna celebrate it with a BANG~!


I wanna thank you all guys for still supporting me and this blog. I get in to the top 100 of topblogs.com.ph like…

Project 21/45


Saturday craft with this disposable spoons painted in pink.

Project 20/45

Sunday writings. Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Still up to blog? Hahaha. Not really, its just can’t fight this thing right now. My brain stock of so many Ideas, for the upcoming back to back activities.
Honestly I am up for something to make me more focus on the things I like. I know sometimes I feel like I am in a different direction but I just love how things fall back into places. Good things come in my way.
This was really the cause why this Ideas are already flying on my brain:
Slept early last night because of so many errands to do, my body was already complaining and can’t help it but to rest early and now something woke me up and struggling to fall back to sleep. Hahaha Spell H-Y-P-E-R-A-C-T-I-V-E. LOL